AMARI UE Simbox Series

Hundreds of UEs on your desk

AMARI UE Simbox is an emulation of handred of 4G and 5G UEs. Thanks to its traffic generator, channel simulator, flexible SDRs and automation capabilities, the AMARI UE Simbox is a must have in any telecom laboratory

AMARI UE Simbox Series high level architecture

Load testing

The AMARI UE Simbox supports multiple RATs allowing the testing of various type of RANs.

5G 5G NR NTN 4G LTE LTE-M in-band NB-IOT stand-aline NB-IOT NB-IOT NTN

Feature testing

Supporting the latest features, the AMARI UE Simbox can be used to test specific feature by R&D, valdidation and integration teams. The test cases can be then added to an automated non regression testing campaign. Here some examples:

5G Asymetric Bandwidth Non 3GPP bands 5G TDD patterns LTE MOCN DSS 5G carrier aggregation Network slicing Handover LTE to LTE Handover LTE to NR LTE-M coverage level

4G 5G network element testing

The AMARI UE Simbox can be used in front of a 4G or 5G ran and core. It can also be associated to AMARI 4G 5G CORE TM sofware to wrap the eNodeB gNodeB. Finally, it can be associated with an AMARI Callbox for core testing.

Overcome commercial UEs limitations

The AMARI UE Simbox stands out as an optimal solution for proof of concept, and here are several compelling reasons:
The Software-Defined Radio (SDR) offers a frequency flexibility that accommodates the usage of bands not supported by commercial UEs, even non 3GPP standard bands.
Robust logging capabilities provide in-depth debugging support for your use cases, ensuring thorough analysis and troubleshooting.
The AMARI UE Simbox can support configuration that are not supported by commercial UEs, like specific carrier aggregation band combinaisons or SA mode in FR2.

VoLTE and VoNR

Thanks to our collaboration with our partner, VoLTE and VoNR can be tested thanks to Simnovus addon. Learn more Press release

O-RU testing

Amarisoft offers a solution to encapsulate your O-RU for comprehensive end-to-end testing. On one side, AMARI UE Simbox establishes a connection to your O-RU through the radio interface. On the opposite end, Amarisoft eNB/gNB software and core network can interface with your O-RU via the 7.2 interface using a specialized driver.

CU DU testing

Amarisoft offers a solution for encapsulating your CU-DU for thorough end-to-end testing. On one side, our UE Simulator software establishes a connection to your CU-DU via the 7.2 interface. From the perspective of the DU, the UE Simulator appears as a 7.2 radio and multiple UEs. On the other end, our core network can connect to the CU through standard S1 and NG interfaces, completing the end-to-end testing environment.

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