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A private network tailored for healthcare applications stands as a pivotal advancement in the realm of medical services, prioritizing the seamless and secure exchange of critical information. This dedicated network architecture is designed to support the complex ecosystem of healthcare devices, electronic health records (EHRs), and emerging technologies. Picture a network that enables real-time communication between medical devices, ensures the secure transmission of patient data, and supports telemedicine initiatives. With a focus on low-latency and high-reliability, private networks in healthcare contribute to improved patient care, streamlined workflows, and enhanced connectivity for remote monitoring and diagnostics. This infrastructure also plays a crucial role in supporting emerging technologies like IoT-enabled medical devices and wearable health trackers, fostering a connected healthcare environment that prioritizes efficiency, patient privacy, and overall healthcare quality.

Revolutionizing Healthcare and Social Services with CableFree 5G Small Cells in Liverpool

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Cable free 5G Small Cell in a mat using Amarisoft technology

Cable free 5G Small Cell, Liverpool, UK

In the heart of Liverpool, a groundbreaking initiative is underway to transform the landscape of healthcare and social services through the innovative application of 5G technology. Spearheaded by the Liverpool 5G Consortium, this visionary project has been awarded £4.3 million by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) to revolutionize health and social care technologies.

At the forefront of this ambitious endeavor are CableFree 5G-SA Small Cells, exclusively deployed across Liverpool's urban landscape. Comprising 63 strategically positioned small cells mounted on street poles, these cutting-edge devices form the backbone of the Liverpool 5G network. Operating in the n77 "Spectrum Sharing" bands allocated by OFCOM for Private 5G Networks, these small cells based on Amarisoft vRAN technology deliver unparalleled connectivity and reliability, laying the groundwork for a future-proofed digital infrastructure.

The primary objective of the Liverpool 5G project is to harness the power of 5G technology to enhance the health and wellbeing of Liverpool's residents. By leveraging CableFree 5G Small Cells, the consortium aims to introduce a myriad of innovative telehealth services that positively impact people's lives. These services range from remote patient monitoring and diagnostic imaging to AI-driven healthcare solutions, all aimed at improving health outcomes, promoting independence, and enhancing quality of life.

Central to the success of the Liverpool 5G project is its collaborative approach, bringing together a diverse array of public sector and private sector partners. Led by the University of Liverpool, the consortium includes key stakeholders such as Liverpool City Council, Blu Wireless Technology Ltd, Broadway Partners Ltd, and several NHS trusts and clinical commissioning groups. This collaborative synergy fosters innovation, drives technological advancement, and ensures the seamless integration of 5G-enabled services into the fabric of Liverpool's healthcare ecosystem.

Cable free 5G Small Cell using Amarisoft technology

Cable Free 5G Small Cell

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