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The transition from fixed to wireless technology for rural broadband represents a transformative leap toward bridging the digital divide in remote areas. Shifting from traditional fixed-line infrastructure to wireless networks enables the delivery of high-speed internet access to underserved rural communities. Picture a network of wireless towers strategically placed across the countryside, facilitating broadband connectivity without the need for extensive physical cabling. This transition not only accelerates the deployment of broadband services but also provides flexibility and scalability for adapting to the unique geographical challenges of rural landscapes. By embracing wireless solutions, rural areas gain access to reliable, high-speed internet, empowering residents with improved connectivity for education, healthcare, agriculture, and economic opportunities. The move from fixed to wireless broadband in rural areas signifies a commitment to inclusivity and technological advancement, fostering sustainable development and equal access to information in previously underserved regions.

Bridging the Connectivity Divide: Alsatis Networks Harnesses Amarisoft's FWA Technology

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Alsatis FTW deployment in la vendee, France

Alsatis FTW deployment, Vendée, France

In the quest to bring broadband to underserved areas devoid of wired Internet connections, operators are increasingly turning to Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technology. This radio-wave-based solution, particularly potent when coupled with 5G, delivers high-speed Internet services to remote locales, a feat traditionally challenging for wired networks. Alsatis Networks exemplifies this trend by strategically choosing Amarisoft's vRAN and Core software for turnkey FWA solutions, showcasing the transformative potential of this technology.

Alsatis Networks has been leveraging Amarisoft's eNodeB full software with AW2S 3.4 GHz remote radio heads for several years, allowing for the continual evolution of services and products. Yoann Lefevre, Head of Networks at Alsatis, expounds on the rationale behind this choice and the pivotal role FWA technology plays in expanding broadband access in rural areas.

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) emerges as a beacon for delivering broadband to areas where wired networks are absent. Employing radio frequencies, FWA sends high-speed signals, connecting homes and businesses in remote regions to the Internet. Amarisoft facilitates the deployment of base stations capable of delivering speeds surpassing several hundred Mbps per user, providing a viable alternative to wired connectivity.

FWA operates seamlessly with both 5G and 4G LTE, with the 5G/FWA combination enabling speeds reaching several Gbps, akin to fiber optics but with the added benefits of lower latency, cost-effectiveness, and ease of deployment. Esteemed operators like AT&T and Verizon in the US have embraced this technology, emphasizing its scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Alsatis Networks, a trailblazing operator specializing in digital development infrastructure and private 4G/5G networks, has been at the forefront of deploying Amarisoft's FWA solution since 2018. This technology aligns with their commitment to sustainable, scalable solutions with local support. The ease and speed of deployment, coupled with scalability, resiliency, and solution stability, make Amarisoft's FWA technology a strategic choice for Alsatis Networks.

The collaboration has resulted in the deployment of over 160 Amarisoft macro cells in France, covering several kilometers each. Macro cells, complemented by small cells, form a robust network architecture. The technology's ability to adapt and upgrade to meet evolving network scalability needs further underscores its strength.

Yoann Lefebvre emphasizes the rapid response and quality support provided by Amarisoft, highlighting the reliability of the solution. The solution's immediate functionality, coupled with swift software upgrades to address partners' changing needs, showcases Amarisoft's commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, Amarisoft's vRAN technology, in tandem with AW2S RRH, emerges as a beacon of stability and performance. The successful, long-term collaboration with Alsatis Networks not only signifies enhanced connectivity for remote territories but also positions the company for the diversification of private 5G markets. Alsatis Networks aims to extend this technology to address other deployment markets, solidifying the role of Amarisoft's FWA in the future of broadband connectivity.

Amarisoft FTW macro basestation tower in France

Alsatis FTW macro basestation tower, Vendée, France

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