LabLabee And Amarisoft Collaborate On Virtual E2E 5G Hands-On Experience For Upskilling Engineers

Jun 26, 2023

LabLabee and Amarisoft have collaborated to create an immersive virtual environment for 5G network research and experimentation. This platform allows engineers to test innovations, evaluate network performance, and experiment with emerging technologies in a realistic virtual setting. It serves as a safe and scalable space for training activities, supporting the advancement of 5G technology.

Paris, Vivatech, 14/06/2023 – LabLabee, a renowned innovator in Telecom hands-on labs, and Amarisoft, a renowned innovator in the field of telecommunications, are excited to announce their collaborative efforts in developing a groundbreaking virtual 5G Radio hands-on experience for Upskilling purposes.

As the world rapidly advances towards the deployment of 5G technology, the need for robust Labs initiatives becomes paramount. Recognizing this, LabLabee and Amarisoft have joined forces to create an immersive and cutting-edge virtual environment that will enable researchers, engineers, and technologists to explore and experiment with 5G networks in a hands-on manner.

This collaborative project aims to simulate real-world 5G Radio, Core and UEs scenarios through an interactive virtual platform, offering a safe and scalable environment for training activities. Engineers will have the opportunity to test and refine their innovations, evaluate network performance, and experiment with emerging technologies, all within a virtual setting that closely mirrors the capabilities of a live 5G network.

By leveraging the expertise and resources of both companies, this collaboration will combine LabLabee’s extensive knowledge in virtual environments and software development with Amarisoft’s deep understanding of 5G technologies and network infrastructure. Together, they will push the boundaries of R&D capabilities, providing researchers with a powerful tool to accelerate the development of next-generation 5G solutions.

“We are thrilled to partner with Amarisoft on this groundbreaking project that brings together our complementary strengths,” said Estelle Wust, LabLabee France Sales Director. “The virtual 5G hands-on experience will revolutionize the way researchers conduct R&D in the telecommunications sector, enabling them to innovate and test new ideas in a virtual, yet realistic, environment.” Marouan Benabdellah-Chaouni, Amarisoft VP of Sales & Marketing, added, “This collaboration represents a significant leap forward in 5G R&D capabilities. By combining our 5G vRAN, Core and UE Simulator with LabLabee’s hands-on training technology, we are unlocking new possibilities for engineers to learn, explore, experiment, and advance the development of 5G technology.”

The virtual 5G hands-on experience will have wide-ranging applications, from enabling a valuable educational tool, offering training and skill-building opportunities for professionals and students in the field of telecommunications.

Both companies are committed to driving technological advancements and empowering the telecommunications industry through this collaboration. They envision a future where the virtual 5G hands-on experience becomes an indispensable resource for engineers, researchers and technologists worldwide, accelerating the adoption and implementation of 5G technology in Mobile and Private networks.

For more information about this collaborative project and updates on the virtual 5G hands-on experience, please visit Amarisoft website at or email here

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