MWC 2024: Intel, Cisco, and Neutral Wireless Unveil Groundbreaking 5G Private Network for Major Sporting Event.

March 03, 2024

During MWC24, Intel showcased in its booth in Hall 3 a live 5G private network in Standalone (SA) mode. This network utilized Cisco's 5G Core (5GC) solution, Neutral Wireless's base station built on Amarisoft's virtual Radio Access Network (vRAN), and AW2S's Remote Radio Head (RRH). The culmination of these technologies demonstrated Intel's commitment to pushing the boundaries of 5G innovation. Notably, this private network is going to be used live during a world major sport event in France later this year. The flexibility of using a vRAN as full software including the PHY layer allows delivering unparalleled performance, particularly in handling a high number of uplink parallel video streams. The network promises to revolutionize the way spectators and participants experience live events. This 5G use case not only highlights the technical capabilities of the involved companies but also underscores their dedication to already delivering commercial cutting-edge solutions that redefine connectivity standards in broadcasting industry.

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