• Accelerate your LTE product roadmap

    With Amari LTE 100 software suite, you can add 4G support to your existing wireless solutions in a matter of days. Without heavy investment, you can remain on the top of 3GPP releases and make sure your customer can benefit of them.
  • Simulate 500 UEs on air with one PC

    Simulation of UEs have never been so easy and accessible with Amari UE 100. You can define and execute your own scenario over the air to test your network. Overloading your network infriastructures before your customers do is simply your insurance for a best service quality.
  • Learning LTE has never been so easy!

    Amarisoft LTE 100 is a very affordable LTE Base Station and Core Network running on a PC. It accelerates R&D process in LTE technology, bringing an LTE base station on your desk for one tenth of the price of what existed before. Small to medium companies can now test 4G UEs with low investment. One can also build 4G demo or trial networks anywhere in the world.
  • Order it now...

    Setup your LTE network today. Amari LTE 100 is available to order. Enjoy the flexibility of this fully software-based eNodeB. You will appreciate the ability to tune settings to match the exact configuration you need.


Amarisoft is a software company dedicated to telecommunication industry.

Achieving "impossible" target is what we are able to do. The aim of the team is to bring low cost and high quality products on the market to unleash creativity in the 4G world.

Amarisoft was founded by ...

Amari LTE 100

Amari LTE 100: the world's first fully software-based LTE base station running on a PC.

Amarisoft just released the world's first fully software-based LTE station running on a PC. Commercial UEs connect directly to the Amari LTE 100 PC and access the Internet. The LTE 100 is much more flexible and cheaper than any other expensive hardware based solution. All is about software configuration and tuning. It doesn't rely on expensive FPGA.

Ask us about your needs and projects

  • Standalone LTE base station
  • Very low cost, accessible to anyone
  • Ability to simply tune any of the hundreds of parameters
  • Commitment to evolution and support of future release

Telecom vendors

Amarisoft accelerates your R&D process to make 4G cloud real.

Telecom operators

Amarisoft can setup AMARI LTE 100 into your lab for validation and into your network for operations.

Investors - Sponsors
Feel free to contact us to be an early player of the Amarisoft adventure.
Any business partnerships and ideas are welcome. Don't hesitate to contact us.


09/13/2016 Amarisoft eNodeB now supports NB-IoT and category M1 UEs.
Category M1 is a new UE category introduced in LTE release 13 which uses a 1.4 MHz bandwidth instead of up to 20 MHz. NB-IoT is a new radio interface available in LTE release 13 using a 200 kHz bandwidth. Both technologies allow lower cost and lower consumption UEs when high bitrates are not necessary.
02/11/2016 Amarisoft will be present at the MWC 2016.
Amarisoft demonstrates VoLTE video calls and also hosts some partners on its booth... As always, same place. See you there! hall 5 stand 5K13
10/15/2015 PCIe SDR based on AD9361
Thanks to its Radio API, Amarisoft is supporting this PCIe SDR card for its 4G software suite. It uses a PCIe x1 slot and several boards can be easily chained to test Carrier Aggregation and/or high order MIMO.
03/05/2015 AdvaOptical Virtualization at the edge.
Advaoptical showcases a virtual mobile edge solution that can host various virtual network functions including the LTE eNodeB and the Core Network of Amarisoft.
03/01/2015 Nutaq PicoSDR E-LTE kit is based on Amarisoft software suite.
It took no more than 2 weeks to Nutaq to connect our Release 12 LTE software to Nutaq PicoSDR through Amari Radio API. It prouves that Amarisoft software suite can accelerate and enable LTE roadmap in a very short time. Amarisoft is proud to contact Nutaq in its growing ecosystem.
01/23/2015 O3b Networks demonstrates 4G MEO S1 with Amarisoft solution.
Amarisoft and O3b Networks demonstrate that the connection between eNodeBs and remote EPC can be done through MEO satellites.
08/28/2014 Amarisoft will be present at the MWC 2015.
As the previous edition, Amarisoft will make sure to surprise you with some new products and interesting demonstrations of our technology. Stay tune for more information to come. hall 5 stand 5K13
05/02/2014 Amarisoft is now compatible with the X series (X300- X310) of NI (former Ettus research)
Amarisoft and the X310 NI SDR can be used to setup an LTE 20Mhz MIMO network on your desk. The testing was done through the 10G Ethernet interface.
01/11/2013 Amarisoft will be present at the MWC 2014.
You are welcome to visit us hall 5 stand 5K13 to see a live LTE C-Ran demonstration of our software suite.
10/09/2013 Netgem will use the Amari OTS 100 to setup its own LTE network at the IBC to avoid WIFI interferences that exhibitors complain about.
As a light and portable standalone LTE base station (including the core network), AMARI OTS 100 has no equivalent considering cost, usability and effectiveness of it. Please come and see our product in action at Hall 5 Stand B45, IBC Armsterdam - 13th to 17th September 2013. More information here.
13/05/2013 Amarisoft presents Amari OTS 100.
Now you can order your LTE network "off-the-shelf". You get all the hardware (smartphone, fanless pc and radio head) and software to run your LTE network. Just power all on, and see the smartphone attaching to it! You're ready to experiment LTE at full speed. Request more information here.
20/03/2013 We made our first successful tests in MIMO 2x2 and VoLTE.
27/12/2012 Ettus Research to demo Amari LTE 100 at SDR-WInncomm 2013...
Ettus Research will be showing a live demonstration of the LTE software (of Amarisoft) at the Wireless Innovation Forum. See here
30/10/2012 Amari LTE 100 wins the Best of 4G Award 2012!..
Amarisoft is very happy to announce it won the Best of 4G Award 2012 in the category of "Mobile Innovation by a Start-up". See here
01/09/2012 World premiere: Amarisoft launches the Amari LTE 100
Amarisoft is proud to announce that the Amari LTE 100 is available to the LTE community. We succeeded in establishing reliable communications between commercial UE devices and the Amari LTE 100 base station... More info