• Accelerate your LTE product roadmap

    With Amari LTE 100 software suite, you can add 4G support to your existing wireless solutions in a matter of days. Without heavy investment, you can remain on the top of 3GPP releases and make sure your customer can benefit of them.
  • Simulate 500 UEs on air with one PC

    Simulation of UEs have never been so easy and accessible with Amari UE 100. You can define and execute your own scenario over the air to test your network. Overloading your network infriastructures before your customers do is simply your insurance for a best service quality.
  • Learning LTE has never been so easy!

    Amarisoft LTE 100 is a very affordable LTE Base Station and Core Network running on a PC. It accelerates R&D process in LTE technology, bringing an LTE base station on your desk for one tenth of the price of what existed before. Small to medium companies can now test 4G UEs with low investment. One can also build 4G demo or trial networks anywhere in the world.
  • Order it now...

    Setup your LTE network today. Amari LTE 100 is available to order. Enjoy the flexibility of this fully software-based eNodeB. You will appreciate the ability to tune settings to match the exact configuration you need.



We are delighted to bring some affordable tools and software to the 4G mobile community to unleash creativity and at the end expand communications among people. Accessible technology is the basement of possible success story. We at Amarisoft are working on helping all size of company or individuals being a player in mobile networks of now and future generation. We hope you'll enjoy the opportunity.

Franck Spinelli

After graduating at ESIGETEL, Franck worked in the Information Technology and Telecommunication since 1994. He held various positions at Alcatel and Nokia, working on different projects, mainly IT. In 2003, he launched Remoteam to bring a Geolocalization solution to the market. In 2008, he launched Elemasoft to deliver software solution around iphone and ipad in different fields. He recently launched a DVB-T set-top box dedicated to blind and visually impaired people based on the Netgem product.

Fabrice Bellard

Fabrice is a computer programmer who is best known as the creator of the FFmpeg and QEMU software projects. He studied at Ecole Polytechnique, specializing at Telecom Paris in 1996. Fabrice is an amazing person bringing creativity to the whole team.


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